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Steel Frame Kits
® offers a variety of garage and storage buildings using steel sheeting and steel frames.

We provide building kits to the Do-it-yourselfer and professional contractors alike

Steel Frame Kits- Economical Housing and Garage and Weekend Home Solutions!         Steel Frame Kits- Economical Housing and Garage and Weekend Home Solutions! 

         above is a pure, all galvanized Cee Channel structure, thanks go to Joe Billet         


         From Light Gauge 'Cee' Channel to TUBE to Wide Flange any roof pitch
 4:12 Cee       Arco7mx2.2m-   8:12 Tube

Our staff and network of manufactures, fabricators, suppliers and dealers specialize in Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings which are drop shipped to your job site / designed to your specifications and always are accompanied with locally qualified Stamped Engineering Drawings & Calculations for your specific job site located ------ Guaranteed.

Freight is always included to your job site plus Stamped Engineered Drawings and Calculations available for all buildings purchased through Steel Frame Kits as needed or required  by your Local Authority


There are several exterior wall and roof profiles for the sheeting and in all of your favorite colors. Additional options include large door openings, personnel doors, windows, roof or wall light panels, roof ventilators and wall louvers.

SPECIAL NOTE Yes, we will sell you FRAMES only

Yes, we will sell you ROOF only buildings!  


Sheeting is easy once the building is squared and plumbed. Add a Foil-Hardboard-Foil/White Vinyl Insulation Package to your roof & wall systems. Add interior liner panels. Add metal studs for finishing the interior of you new building, additional materials can be shipped with your order.





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