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Green Housing--- Ya, right ..... yes, steel is green .... build with steel, save a tree.... no, stop Steel Frame Kits®  really does care about the environment visit (click)E-Going Green @ Senor Tube's

We would like to say we partner with Green Building Architects and Green Businesses to create environmentally-friendly, strong, affordable green buildings but guess what? Those characters have no idea about a budget....

                          Building with STEEL will save you money!    

       It will save some trees but again will save you money.... key word MONEY

Overall using steel with the proper designed metal building system will save you money.  A STEEL FRAME KIT can be erected faster, staighter and with less waste of materials than a stick built home.

If can frame it quicker than it will = less labor which will = LESS MONEY.

Spend it on hired labor or doing-it-yourself ------------------- Time is Money

No wasted materials = LESS MONEY spent / No green lumber = straighter walls = less labor.    Steel won't Rot, doesn't Mold, can't  Burn (sorry, support combustion) and there are probably alot of other benefical things but best of all....  STEEL is just a great material to work with

We offer 5 styles of Steel Frame Kits and a hybrid or to mixed in......

(click)  Light Gauge / Tube / Cee Channel / Wide Flange  / even Arch Panels

Fax or email your hand drawn sketches,  architects Cad file or favorite photo and yes, we do clone 


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